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How Internet News Censorship in China Silences the People’s Song

How Internet News Censorship in China Silences the People’s Song This is a thesis when I studied in the ELS. Introduce Last month, my friend Carrier went back to China from the United States after she had been living the United States for more than three years. She complained to me about the Internet in her house but not because of the speed of the Internet. She found that the Google Mail and Facebook were inaccessible when she wanted to access to Google Mail to receive some email from her boss and to contact friends through Facebook. As a computer engineer in China, I have never been puzzled by this since I can use a lot of ways to access to Google or Facebook. Is it challenging to access to Google and Facebook in China? Curiosity pushed me to investigate further. When I asked my parents and some high school classmates about whether they knew how to avert the government blocking access to Google, most of them said that they didn’t know how to access to Google in China even though they knew the Google search engine is most famous in the world. After doing some research, I found that blocking Google is only one of many blocking events involving Internet news censorship in China.