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Hardware Laptop Mobile Phone Accessories Software Laptop Apps iOS Apps Cloud-based Apps Hardware Laptop Acer R11 Chromebook(11.5 inch, 2018) Information: 2018 year 11.6” HD (1366 x 768) 16:9 IPS 4


优先级队列 优先级队列:队列中的元素带有优先级,元素按照优先级

Linux Bluetooth Setting

Introduce [I ran into this issue on my Lenovo P51 running Ubuntu 18.04, and I discovered that the pactl module “module-bluetooth-discover” was not loading properly at boot time. I fixed the issue by replacing it with “module-bluez5-discover” in my pulse configuration.

Algorithm part I Hash Table

Hash Table There are four part we need to talk about the Hash-Table: Hash Function, Separate Chaining, Linear Probing and Context Hash tables, a data structure that achieves constant-time performance for core symbol table operations, provided that search keys are standard data types or simply defined.

Algorim Lecture 2-Amortized Analysis

Amortized Analysis: Adding Things in Smart ways. Lots of analyses get easier when you add things together after re-grouping them in smart ways. Introduce Example: Think about an Algorithm from the Perspective of a Data Element… Example: Merge Sort